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Marcallo con Casone - Residenza Jacini

 A wonderfully charming residence of inestimable value, Villa Visconti-Maineri is an integral part of the history of the Marca di Lombardia and the Milan area.
The complex was apparently built by the Crivelli family, the origins of which date back to the fourth and fifth centuries, its family founder being Roggero I dei Sanbonifacio, and obtained noble status through the marriage of Pietro Visconti and Antiochia Crivelli. The family name probably derives from the Latin Cribellum, the diminutive of Cribum, meaning sieve, which would locate the family's roots in the time of the Roman Empire.
Their coat-of-arms includes a sieve, which also appears on the coats-of-arms of the towns of Marcallo con Casone and Bernate.
Around the middle of the nineteenth century, the villa became the residence of the family of Count Stefano Jacini, a senator of the Kingdom, Italian politician and member of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Lower Lombardy.
Later, the villa became the summer residence of Countess Jacini Maineri.

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Entirely surrounded by a centuries-old park of stunning beauty, the historic Villa Visconti Maineri complex was composed of a main residence, guest quarters and various detached structures.
The restoration project ensured the preservation of all of the still-existing historic elements, including the fencing, frescoed coffered ceilings, arches with stone columns, balconies, thresholds and windowsills and brick-vaulted cellars.
A balance between the old and the new that makes the former, opportunely reinterpreted, an added value for the latter.

The image of this splendid residential complex is completed by a large swimming pool with related facilities housed in the north tower.

With an eye toward security, guaranteed not least by a enclosing wall (a good part of which is over three metres tall), an outdoor parking area is planned, while the garages have been built in the basement and are for the most part reachable from the residential units via a covered route and elevators.

- A4 Marcallo con Casone / Mesero tollgate 1 km
- A4 Arluno tollgate 4 km
- SS 11 Milano / Novara 2 km
- Milan 19 km
- Fiera Milano 19 km
- Malpensa clearway 2 km
- Malpensa airport 28 km

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This property project, which is focused on proportional harmony, has made it possible to create 43 flats of various sizes and featuring fine detailing and the most technologically advanced systems and insulation, in conformity with current regulations.
Most of the flats have double exposure and a view of the grounds.
Arches and large windows bring the colours and beauty of nature into the residences, blended with the charm of the rural landscape.
All of the ground-floor flats will have private gardens. The comfort and pleasure of living in this residential complex are guaranteed by its high quality standards.

1 Residents' park with centuries-old greenery
2 Pool with facilities building
3 Elevators serving all floors
4 Calculated geothermics and air conditioning
5 Basic home automation
6 Underfloor heating
7 Underfloor cooling with dehumidification
8 Ceramic and parquet flooring
9 Restoration of existing coffered ceilings
10 Restoration of existing barrel-vaulted ceilings
11 Painted wood windows with low emissivity glass
12 Painted wood doors
13 Suspended sanitary fixtures
14 Decorative radiators
15 Digital terrestrial and satellite television
16 Video intercoms
17 Antitheft solutions
18 Polystyrene cladding
19 Rainwater collection tanks for irrigating the grounds
20 Direct sale without commissions

Residenza Jacini

Sales Office
mr.Luca Zinellu - Cell: 392.14.83.102.">
.">Visits by appointment
Location: Marcallo con Casone (Milano)
via Jacini angolo via Cascina Nuova.


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