Entirely surrounded by a centuries-old park of stunning beauty, the historic Villa Visconti Maineri complex was composed of a main residence, guest quarters and various detached structures.
The restoration project ensured the preservation of all of the still-existing historic elements, including the fencing, frescoed coffered ceilings, arches with stone columns, balconies, thresholds and windowsills and brick-vaulted cellars.
A balance between the old and the new that makes the former, opportunely reinterpreted, an added value for the latter.

The image of this splendid residential complex is completed by a large swimming pool with related facilities housed in the north tower.

With an eye toward security, guaranteed not least by a enclosing wall (a good part of which is over three metres tall), an outdoor parking area is planned, while the garages have been built in the basement and are for the most part reachable from the residential units via a covered route and elevators.

- A4 Marcallo con Casone / Mesero tollgate 1 km
- A4 Arluno tollgate 4 km
- SS 11 Milano / Novara 2 km
- Milan 19 km
- Fiera Milano 19 km
- Malpensa clearway 2 km
- Malpensa airport 28 km

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